The model of association is to promote, create a job, capacity building for people in order to increase their skills, knowledge, technique about agriculture. We also help them to find the job that could increase their income in order to improve their livelihood and poverty reduction. And we also would like to help them to access a good education for disable people and students who live in remote area.

The association has been approval to set up the association committee by No.480/Moha, date Sep14,2018 by Ms. Nounchan Saochantala is a founder of association, the office is at unit 10 Sailom village Chantabouly District Vientiane Capital.

The object of association: To create the better livelihood for people to develop the job and increase income for people through getting participation from people in planning at local level to develop the agriculture job to have effective and sustainable job for people Increase the understanding of agriculture job/farmer with different stakeholders in participation approach. Therefore, the association has bring different technique and fund raising from inside and abroad in order to develop the field of agriculture. Our association want to contribute to social work.

  • Unit 10 Sailom village, Chantabouly District, Vientiane Capital