The Archaeology and Development Foundation (ADF) is a British-registered not-for-profit organization (registered charity in UK and Wales (N°1122750) implementing the Phnom Kulen Program since 2008. The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Royal Government of Cambodia registered ADF as an International NGO in Cambodia in 2016.

This charity was set up to better understand the origins of the Khmer Empire in the Phnom Kulen region and to ensure that the Cambodian population living around the archaeological sites get directly involved to their protection and see their livelihood improved in the process. Along archaeological research and excavations, ADF has an array of activities to improve the life of the local villagers, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices/agro-ecology for family farmers, promotion of education, water and sanitation, and environmental protection and awareness.

  • c/o Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient Beng Don Pa, Slakram, circa Wat Preah Enkosa, East River Road, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia