Since 1991 Rural Mission department was established and operated Social Service and Development activities under Pathein Myaungmya Association .According to the nature of its work it is not only a mission work but also includes humanatarian services for the community development .So the department name was change to Christian Social Service & Development Department in June 5 2003 and still serve the community for Community development up until now.

PMA/CSSDD is working throughout Myanmar since 1999 in rural community development and sustainable agriculture programs. Utilizing a participatory approach PMA/CSSDD has empowered villagers by assisting them to identify, plan and develop programs in agriculture, livelihood, water and sanitation, education, health and environmental conservation sectors.


Christian social service and development program will be implemented as Holistic Development program regardless of race , religion and sex  together with other networks to give the best social services and develop the strategies with the communities to create a joyful life and a better society in Myanmar.


The mission of the PMA-CSSDD is   reflecting God’s love and follow Christ’s mission of stewardship and serve the neediest people regardless of race, religion & sex.


  1. PMA-CSSDD and Area CSSDD is competent in advocating communities regarding their development needs and concerns.
  2. PMA-CSSDD is effective and efficient communication and networking within its Area CSSDD department, PMA organization and other Network groups.
  3. PMA-CSSDD and its donor partners have established a relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.
  4. PMA-CSSDD is effectively supporting social services and development activities in implementing social development for the community.
  5. Community becomes participatory, self-reliance and capable to fulfill their basic needs.
  6. PMA-CSSDD and its partners are engaging in bringing positive changes to the life of communities.
  7. PMA-CSSDD programs will be implemented regardless of race, religions and sex.
  • Saw Peter Sanba, Director
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