Syphan has graduated from North Agriculture and forest college, his major is agriculture. After that he has a chance to continue his study in Israel for 11 months. He starts his job with Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden by being a multi task responsible such as teacher, trainer, receptionist, expertise, etc.. until 2018 of August, there is no work for him to do there, so he decides to ask for long holiday without salary, while that time, he has initiative to start his own organic farm because he wants his family and relative could collect the fresh and organic vegetables to consume every day. And after that, the vegetable grow very fast and many, so he has post on Facebook to sale organic vegetables, there are many friends and new customers has order vegetables from his farm. And community living near by come to ask him how to produce organic vegetables which grow very fast. Now he has new initiative as established the learning center on organic farm for the service the people who love and passion in organic farming.

  • Ban Pholad, Chomphet District, Louangprbang Province