The result of Training on Facebook live streaming

The result of Training on Facebook live streaming


To improve the capacity to use communication tools for ALiSEA members. Therefore, we organized training on how to use OBS studio tools to help Facebook Live more effectively.

ALiSEA network in Laos has been held on the Training on Facebook live streaming on 17th August 2022, at GRET Office in Lao PDR. There are 12 participants from 9 organizations that are members of the ALiSEA network in Laos


All the participants know how to live stream through Facebook by going to watch live stream, organizing various events, streaming games online… There are some participants who have experience in live streaming through Facebook, but none of them use OBS studio program to live stream.


from this training Participants learned a lot about Facebook live streaming via Zoom, live streaming through the Facebook Live app, or using OBS Studio to assist with live streaming. In summary, the advantages, disadvantages and cautions are as follows:

Share live streaming from Zoom:

  • Everything is controlled in the Zoom
  • A co-host assistant is required to assist in turning off/on video and audio from participants
  • Unable to cut the videos and sound of some moments that have already happened
  • The video and sound will be delayed about 20 seconds
  • Turning on/off a participant’s video has the effect to showing on live stream.
  • There is a Zoom signature in the bottom right corner of the screen at all times

Live streaming through the Facebook Live app:

  • Show videos of those who are live streaming only, cannot show photos/videos or other documents while live streaming
  • No more option to manage during live streaming

Facebook Live streaming through the OBS studio program:

  • You can preview photos and videos before transitioning to the live stream.
  • Many options/ tools to help and manage during live streaming.
  • There are multiple cameras that may be used. So, there must be a camera supervisor and a good camera operator.
  • There are many accessories that are used.
  • Can control audio but can’t listen to audio while monitoring live stream in OBS, so need to watch live stream on another device to monitor audio.

The full reports are available to download below:

This is the first training in the form of reciprocity among ALiSEA members. It is an initiative to build capacity and has achieved a lot of positive results, and as a result, new activities will be held.