The result of Cambodia ALiSEA Network “Online Thematic Session to Share Experience on Community Market Resilience”

The result of Cambodia ALiSEA Network “Online Thematic Session to Share Experience on Community Market Resilience”


  • To share knowledge and experience on strategies to support Agroecology products and market linkage
  • To promote knowledge and experiences exchange and foster learning among ALiSEA members.

4th ALiSEA Network thematic session in Cambodia has been held on 15 August 2022, with the topic on “To sharing Experience on Community Market Resilience”. There were about 37 participants from research center, NGOs, International NGOs, University lecturers, young farmers…. participating in the event.

With the 5 speakers to share their experiences as:

Presenter 1: Mr. Prum Samat, CFAP Chairman, and Chairman of Torng Thlork Agricultural Cooperative. Topic: “Mushroom Production for the Community Market


  • Introduction of Torng Thlork AC
  • Technical description of mushroom production
  • Market of mushroom (for Detail, please refer to attachment)

Presenter 2: Mr. Toch Chamoeun, SSLA Program Manager in Battambang Province. Topic:” Challenges of agroecology transition in Community Market Resilience.”


  • PGS efforts and progresses in the Cambodia
  • Promoting factors for PGS

Presenter 3: Mr. Hem Lina/Ms. Celia, Assistant Technical Advisor, Agroecology, Climate Change and Innovation, DCA Cambodia. Presentation of Learning from the farmer-to-farmer and NGO knowledge sharing on agroecological markets and food sovereignty

Presenter 4: Mr. Jumel Guillaume, SSLA. Topic: “Marketing Techniques and Community Market Resilience


  • Understanding community market
  • Challenges and demand in the current market
  • Market strategies for community market

Presenter 5: Mr. Soth Visal, Marketing Specialist of GRET. Topic: “Experience of APICI Project in Siem Reap on Community Market Resilience


  • About the project in SR
  • Main activities of the project
  • Farmer organization
  • Value chain improvement
  • Challenges
  • EM was allowed in Eco-Farm in Siem Reap which is aligned with principle of the producer groups.

A brief note is available to download HERE