By empowering and professionalizing impoverished populations, Agrisud supports the creation of sustainable Very Small family farming Enterprises (VSEs) specialized in food crops and animal husbandry. Strongly rooted on the local food market, they generate income, jobs, and local added value, ensuring food security and autonomy to the communities. Thanks to agroecological practices, these VSEs combine productivity and sustainable management of resources, while reducing pressure on the environment. They are labour intensive and use local knowledge and resources. They also help producers gain technical autonomy and economic independence. Besides, products quality improves the producers’ and the people’s health.

  • Mr. Pichet SENG, Agrisud Representative in Cambodia / Project manager [email protected] Mob: (+855) 12 42 68 07
  • Mr. Khamphao Thongchanh, Agrisud Representative in Lao PDR / Project manager [email protected] Mob: (+856-20) 2243 7999
  • Mr. Công HUY LÊ, Agrisud Representative in Vietnam / Project Coordinator [email protected] Mob: (+84) 86 208 30 68
  • Mr. Sylvain DEFFONTAINES, Agrisud Operations Director [email protected] Tel: (+33) 5 57 25 17 06
  • 7 Avenue du Maréchal Foch 33500 LIBOURNE France
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +33 5 57 25 17 06
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