Transitioning Towards Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture: A Contribution to Food Systems Transformations (TARASA23)

Link to event: Date: 24-27 OCTOBER 2023 Time: 08:30 AM – 17:00 PM (GMT +7) Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia Transitioning Towards Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture: A Contribution to Food Systems Transformation (TARASA23) is an international workshop that focuses on the contemporary and unprecedented challenges on a global scale and more specifically the Asia-Pacific region […]

Online Webinar: Strengthening Actor Networks to Support Changes, 09 May 2023

Date: Tuesday 9th May 2023 Time: 1:30 to 4:30pm (Hanoi, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Bangkok Time) Zoom link: Organized by ALiSEA Network and GRET Networking of Actors to Support Changes About Partnership, Governance & Sustainability of networking: “What needs do we address?” Introduction ALiSEA Network is an open coalition of stakeholders united around the promotion […]

IFOAM-Asia Call for Papers: The 6th Organic Asia Congress “Building World Peace through Organic Agriculture – Food Security Vital to Peace Building” June 6-9, 2023, Philippines

Background Agriculture plays a crucial role in economic development while alleviating poverty and malnutrition as well as preventing environmental destruction and reducing violence. Deprived conditions for agriculture hold grave implications for socio-economic development and sustainable peace in many countries. The escalation or continuation of conflicts worldwide remains the biggest cause of food insecurity. These mainly […]

Cambodia ALiSEA Network “Online Thematic Session to Share Experience on Community Market Resilience”

Objectives: To share knowledge and experience on strategies to support Agroecology products and market linkage To promote knowledge and experiences exchange and foster learning among ALiSEA members. Date: 15th August 2022 Time: 14h00-17h00 (Cambodian time) Venue: Online workshop and please see the link here: Participant: All ALiSEA members, people who are interested in topics […]

International Seminar on Sustainable Food System in Southeast Asia under and beyond COVID-19: Policy Evidence and Call for Action, 19-20 May 2022

Date: 19-20 May 2022 Time zone: Bangkok (GMT+7) Platform: Online virtual event (or hybrid) Objectives Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Kasetsart University plans to organize an international seminar focusing on Southeast Asia sustainable food system issues to share knowledge and information from evidenced-based research to provide policy recommendations to promote high-quality research, education, […]

Cambodia ALiSEA Network: Online Thematic Session to Share Experience on Challenges of Flood plains ‘irrigated perimeter, 17 March 2022

Objectives To strengthen knowledge and experience sharing on identified challenges of irrigated perimeter: water management and governance and agro ecological transition To promote knowledge exchange and foster learning among ALiSEA members. Date: 17th March 2022 Time: 14h30-16h30 (Cambodian time) Venue: Online workshop and please register and join us HERE Participant: All ALiSEA members, people who […]

ALiSEA Network in Laos – Thematic Green Talk EP.02: Organic Farming and Certification, 11 February, 2022

Objective To share experiences and disseminate information for participants have better understand on organic farming management and the step of organic registration process. Date: Friday, 11 February 2022. Time: 9:00 – 11:00 AM (Vientiane time) Language: Lao Online meeting via Zoom, please register to get the link here: Livestream on Facebook page: @ALiSEALaos Participant: […]

Agro-ecological and safe food transitions for green, resilient and inclusive recovery in the ASEAN region, 08 – 09 November 2021

BACKGROUND The ASEAN Vision and Strategic Plan for Food Agriculture and Forestry 2016 – 2025 is a “competitive, inclusive, resilient and sustainable food agriculture and forestry sector, integrated with the global economy, based on a single market and production base contributing to food and nutrition security and prosperity in the ASEAN Community.”  Collaboration between ASEAN […]

International Webinar Series on Agroecology and Community Series X/2021, 22 October 2021

The Malaysian Agroecology Society for Sustainable Resource Intensification (SRI-Mas), the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Malaysian Food Security and Sovereignty Forum (FKMM) are pleased to invite you to the International Webinar Series on Agroecology and Community Series X/2021. Check out the upcoming Topic in the Series below: Topic Ecological Management of Invasive Rice Pests: Selected […]

2nd CASIC Annual Regional Workshop on Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification, 28-29 September 2021

In recent years, commercial practices have been promoted in the area of conservation agriculture. The Cambodia Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) aims to further augment the current Conservation Agriculture/Sustainable Intensification (CA/SI) and agroecology by bringing various regional stakeholders together to better understand how to make CA/SI more accessible to farmers through various (market) actors […]