Young Organic Farmers 2020: Organic Seeds Production Training

Young Organic Farmers 2020: Organic Seeds Production Training

Organic Seeds Production Training

Training period is between 1-14 August 2020

Online Training

Introduction: We have lost seeds varieties and food security from the mainstream agriculture system. Seeds production become limitation and professionalization, good quality seeds become commercialization, and adapt to chemical production method. The Open Pollination (OP) seeds are essential for resilience and sustainability of food system. Therefore, supporting and building capacity of Young Organic Farmers: Organic Seed Production Training focusing on knowledge sharing and technology transfer will strengthen the ecological diversity, tackle farming and climate change issues, and bring back the local economy towards organic agriculture and food security.

Objectives/ Goals: The Mekong region and Bhutan are predominantly agrarian with deep-rooted culture and local wisdom. Violent economic and political systems, cause fare reaching social and environmental degradation. Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam are in strong current of transitioning but not “transcending” transformation towards sustainable development stagnates. Young people migrate to the big city, the land grabbing issue is increasing, lack of forest and water resources, chemical use and unsafe food, health issue, social fabric, and communities are broken, climate change catastrophe, and other more.

Towards Organic Asia (TOA) provides a collaborative platform of individuals and organizations to work together at national and regional levels to strengthen organic agriculture/agroecology in Asia. Focusing on organic agriculture/ agroecology as the heart of global transformation.

One of TOA goals is supporting next generation and youth, a new generation of young pioneering leaders are equipped with technical skill, knowledge, and value to sustainable organic agriculture and agroecology, and serve as active guardians of the earth, therefore, TOA will organize the project to encourage youth in the region on “Young Organic Farmers: Organic Seeds Production Training”


  1. To facilitate a learning and exchange on Policy and Climate Change Issues related to Organic Agriculture, and Practicing Organic Seeds Production (Open Pollination Seeds) among young farmer leaders by experiential learning process with in-depth sharing and discussion, and field works in the Mekong region.
  2. To build an exchange platform and collaboration on organic seeds production, to increase seeds saving and seeds exchange for food safety and food sovereignty in the region.
  3. To promote and strengthen young organic farmers network in the region.

Outcomes: The outcomes of the workshop related to evaluation

  1. Young farmer leaders form 6 countries, Bhutan, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam have understanding about the major issues on agriculture and environment, and gain more skills and knowledge on organic seeds production.
  2. Participants apply and working on seed production in their farm or locally, and share the knowledge of seed production and sharing to their community.

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