ALiSEA 1st Annual General Meeting in Cambodia, Siem Reap, 21-22 March 2017

ALiSEA 1st Annual General Meeting in Cambodia, Siem Reap, 21-22 March 2017

The 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Agroecology Learning alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA) in Cambodia was organized in Siem Reap on the 21st and 22nd of March 2017. The support to the emergence of ALiSEA is part of a regional program, Towards an Agroecological Transition (ACTAE), funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD) and jointly implemented by CIRAD and GRET.

The AGM was attended by 60 participants from a broad diversity of organizations (Local & International NGO, Farmer Federations, Research Centers, Academia, Private Sector and Government Agency).

This event was organized around a two-days meeting alternating presentations, insightful talks and field visits. The field visits enable the participants to witness first hand agroecological initiatives and exchange with experienced farmers. It took place on the 22nd of March and was hosted by:

  • Mr Ry Saren (supported by Horticulture Innovation Lab, FEED THE FUTURE) in Prei Thlok village, Knart Commune, in Puok district. Specific focus was put on conservation agriculture, micro-irrigation for horticulture, trees plantations and biochar
  • Mr Em Chomreun (supported by GRET and CIRD) in Kouk Russei Choeng village, Dan Run commune, in Sotr Nikum district. Specific focus was put on composting, mulching, inter-cropping, rotation, micro-irrigation, bio-pesticides

The AGM provided a space for:

  • Presenting and sharing ALiSEA progress activities (1st year) and updates on granted organizations of the 1st call for proposal from ALiSEA and CANSEA Grant Facility
  • Reinforcing and envisioning a broad coalition of stakeholders involved in the promotion of agroecology in Cambodia through the approbation of ALiSEA 1st charter
  • Sharing and facilitating multi-stakeholders discussion on their vision and practices of agroecology in order to reach common understanding in Cambodia

All presentations that have supported the discussions over the first day are available for download hereafter:

Introduction session

Setting the stage: 01-Country profile – Cambodia

ALiSEA progress activities: One Year on…

ALiSEA: National Results of the 1st Call for Proposal:

CANSEA Small Grant: Underutilized legumes species in the Mekong Region Underutilized species – CANSEA Grant

Quick update on 2nd call for proposal ALiSEA CN Evaluation-21march2017

ALiSEA Network: Members’ participation, Charter and Collective actions

First approved ALiSEA charter (draft of March 2017) ALiSEA charter_V4_March17

ToR and mandate for a ALiSEA National Secretariat in Cambodia National Secretariat-21march2017

What can ALiSEA do for its members? What is expected from its members?

Multi-stakeholders panel discussion on agroecology vision and practices

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Tbaung Khmum province (Mr. You Tainghy) PDA Tbong Khmum province

Ecoland – research center, Ecosystem Services and Land Use change (Dr Neang Malyne) ECOLAND

Farmer and Nature Net (FNN), Livelihood improvement of farmers through enhancing and practicing organic agriculture (Mr. Pan Sopheap) FNN (Khmer)

GRET Myanmar: Agroecological practices, the point of view of a development practitioner (Ms Justine Scholle) GRET- AE in Myanmar

Method and tools for agroecology dissemination

IRRI, Developing Ecologically-based Participatory IPM package for rice in Cambodia: Participatory approaches (Dr Rica Joy Flor) EPIC participatory approaches_ALISEA meeting_IRRI

CIRAD, Innovative Pedagogical Resources (e-learning) in conservation agriculture IPERCA (Dr Florent Tivet) IPERCA Pedagogical resources – CIRAD

Louvain cooperation & MODE, From Individual to Collective Self-Support on Sustainable Agricultural Practices (Mr. Amaury Peeters /Mr. Heang Saray) MODE_Louvain_Cooperation_Final

GRET, Enhancing farmers to farmers knowledge exchanges through video training (Mr. Sok Sothea) Video Presentation