• The ASINCV was established in the year 2016 under the decision No. 208/QD-TTg, dated on 09/09/2005 of the Prime Minister.
  • The ASINCV is a member of  Vietnam Academy of Agriculture Science (VAAS). The mission of ASINCV is Doing research on crop science and agricultural system that service for social-economic development for Nothern Central region of Vietnam (6 provinces from Thanh Hoa to Thua Thien Hue of Vietnam). In detail, the ASINCV has responsible for:
    • Setting up the program, project, plan that related to scientific research and technological transfer of crop for 6 provinces located in Northern Central of Vietnam: (1). Breeding and selection the high yield and good quality of food crop, legume crop, fruit crop, flower and vegetable; (2). Do research on suitable technic for crop cultivation: crop protection, nutrient and water management, etc; (3). Do research on agricultural system; (4) Technology transfer and extension.
    • Implementation such those projects in field condition.
    • Making the cooperation between related agencies inside and outside of Vietnam.
    • Managing the budget and infrastructure base on Vietnam’s regulation and law.
  • Some results that ASINCV achieved in last 12 years (from establish up to now):
    • As author of 7 rice varieties; 3 sweet potato varieties; 1 ground nut variety; 1 casava variety; 1 sugarcane variety; 1 mandarin variety, 1 pomelo variety.
    • As author of 6 new crop cultivation processes.
    • As the manager of many national projects and international projects. In the year 2018, ASINCV as manager of 3 ministerial level projects; 12 local cooperation projects and 3 international projects.
    • Produce hundreds ton of crop variety per year (free disease sweet potato of 4 varieties; G1and G2 of 4 grounut varieties; rice seed varieties). Trainning for thousands farmer and local officer per year about new crop cultivation technologies.
    • The human resources: 2 PhDs, 49 masters, 70 bachelors and 6 technicians.
  • Nghi Kim commune, Vinh city, Nghe An province, Vietnam
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: + 84 2383 514 623