Centre for Organic Agriculture Promotion and Studies (COAPS) founded in 2009 and the superior is Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The staffs include lecturers and researchers from Vietnam National University of Agriculture, those have been performing research and develop of organic production, training, consultaning and transfering in organic agriculture and the related fields.
COAPS has been cooperating with many Universities, Institutes and Companies in Asia in Agronomy, especially in organic agriculture.
COAPS’s scopes now focus on researching and developing methods of sustainable crop production, involving organic fertilization, organic substrate using, non chem-agent plant protection and also agricultural waste treatment by bio-methods.

  • Centre for Organic Agriculture Promotion and Studies, Faculty of Agronomy, Vietnam National University of Agriculture Ngo Xuan Quang Road, Trau Quy Ward, Gia Lam District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam