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Association for Preservation Nature Resources and Community Development(APEDC)

• In 2015, the Association for Preservation of Natural Resources Environmental and Community Development(APEDC) has been approved by the N... Read More
Keywords Agriculture, Education, Energy, Gender, Natural Resource Management
Operating Countries Laos
  • Mr Chantha OUANTHAVONGSI, Coordinator , tel: +85620 22340657
Office address & contact
  • Mittaphab Street, home: 202/14, Phonsaathneu Village, Peak District, Xiengkhouang Province, Lao PDR

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: +856 061 213633 , Fax: +856 061 213633

Association for protection and promotion good live to the children & Youth ( APPREN)

APPREN does not have any activities relating to political affairs, non-profit, and irrelevant to religion. It is an organization/association... Read More
Keywords Garbage management, Gender, Health, Nutrition, Promotion of child right, School environment
Operating Countries Laos
Office address & contact
  • Hongsouphap street, Hongsouphap village , unit: 9, Saysetha district Vientiane capital Lao PDR

Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI)

The Association for Rural Mobilisation and Improvement (ARMI) well-known as NORMAI is one of leading development associations in Laos implem... Read More
Keywords Community empowerment, Energy, Food security, Natural Resource Management
Operating Countries Laos
  • Director: Mr Souvannalath Amphone , [email protected] , tel: +856-41-215017, +856-41-260191

Association Sustainable Agriculture Communities (ASAC)

It was founded by farmers and leaders of agriculture cooperatives in 2016. Firstly it was received technical support from Farmer’s Life Im... Read More
Keywords Advisory services support, Agri-entrepreneurs, Agribusiness, Agriculture cooperatives development, Agriculture extension, Agroecology, Beekeeping, Climate Change, Markets empowerment, Networking, Organic agriculture, Organic farming demonstration
Operating Countries Cambodia
  • Mr. Rin Ratana, Executive Director , [email protected] , tel: +85577 302 565, 086 871 272
Office address & contact
  • National road 1, Kandal Krom village, Banteaydek commune, Keansvay district, Kandal province, Cambodia

    Email: [email protected]

AVSF (Agronomes et Vétérinaires sans Frontières)

AVSF is an officially recognized non-profit association that works for international solidarity and that has been engaged in supporting smal... Read More
Keywords Agroecology, Food security, Local veterinary services, Natural Resource Management, Nutrition, One health and eco-health, Organic and fair trade markets, Short supply chains, Value Chain Development
Operating Countries Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
  • HQ/ Bertrand MATHIEU, Program Officer and Agroecology Referent , [email protected]
  • In Laos and SEA/ Gaylord ROBIN, Regional program development Officer (Southeast Asia) , [email protected]

AVSI Foundation Myanmar

AVSI has been working in Myanmar since 2007, and operates in the agriculture and education sectors with the support of local and internation... Read More
Keywords Agriculture, Education, Rural Development
Operating Countries Myanmar
  • Country Director: Nang Swe Swe Aye , tel: 09 5283278
  • Communication Officer: Anthony,Thang , tel: 09 425021395
Office address & contact
  • No.190/192, 6-A, Dagon Tower, Corner of Shwe Gon Daing Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Yay Tar Shay Ward, Bahan Township, Yangon.

    Tel: +95- 1 542 870 , Fax: +95- 1 559 934

Bac Tom Stores Chain

Bac Tom supplies perishable foods of high quality and generates more income for the poor by promoting sustainable agriculture and builds cap... Read More
Keywords Food security, Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)
Operating Countries Vietnam
Office address & contact
  • P1306 DN3 CT3 khu DTM Trung Văn

    Tel: +84915599780

Ban Keun Cow production farmer group

Ban Keun Cow production group established on Dec 25, 2009. In the first started, we have 22 households as a member of group, we have 400 cow... Read More
Keywords Cow feeding, Funding raising & shareholders inside group, Grasses plantation, Sale cow dung
Operating Countries Laos
  • Mr. Somsavang INSIXIENGMAI, Manager , mob: +856 20 5513 7745; +856 20 9744 5535
  • Mr. Phokham, Marketing , mob: +856 20 5869 5289
Office address & contact
  • Keun Village, Thoulakhom District, Vientiane Province

Ban Nongsoung farmer group

Ban Nongsoung farmer group established in 2015. We have 34 households as a member of group, there are 34 hectare for plantation. Read More
Keywords Agriculture, Fruit, Organic agriculture
Operating Countries Laos
  • Mr. Khaophone SIHAPHOM, Manager , mob: +856 20 9651 5377
Office address & contact
  • Nongsoung Village, Pakxong District, Campasak Province


BIOPHAP is a social agribusiness, pioneer applying innovative technologies in organic agriculture in Vietnam that works alongside major inte... Read More
Keywords Agroecology, Big data MDM, Climate Change, Ethnic minority development, Food security, Local society development, Open data system, Organic agriculture, Product traceability through blockchain, Smart consumer app, Social - Economic - Environmental Impacts, Sustainable Agriculture, Value Chain Development, Vocational training
Operating Countries Vietnam
  • Mrs. Tyna Ha Giang HUYNH DINH, Chief Executive Officer , [email protected] , tel: +84 96 97 45 939